Antje Pesel is an independent product designer based in Halle, Germany. She graduated with a Master of Industrial Design from Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle. As a designer, she is fascinated by the use of simple objects in daily life. Her products are characterized by reduced geometric shapes. She designs objects that investigate the interplay between color, material and function. They are both focussing on the essential and carry emotional value.


The Design Studio is located in the center of Halle/Saale. Here all threads run together and inspiration from different fields melt into one. The combination of different materials and disciplines lead to individual products. Projects like graphic and product design complement each other and are just two parts of a broad concept. By collaborating with professionals, ideas will be translated into reality. Based on minimalistic design the studio is focused on simplicity and functionality.




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Antje Pesel

Herderstr. 4

D - 06114 Halle